Airport Parking At Chicago O’Hare: What Are Your Options?

If you're going to be driving to Chicago O'Hare, you will need to find a place to park your vehicle. Thankfully, there are a number of choices available to you. Read on to learn more about your options when it comes to airport parking at Chicago O’Hare .

Parking Garages

In most cases, people parking at the airport will be leaving their car in one of the parking garages. When you enter the parking garage, you will be given a time-stamped ticket. From that point on, you will be charged for the amount of time your car is parked.

For the first 12 hours, you will pay for parking by the hour. Once that time has passed, you will start to pay larger fees. The parking garages are ideal for someone that will only be at the airport for an hour or two, but they can cause issues for people that will be there for a longer period of time.

Valet Parking

If you are taking yourself to the airport, you may not want to have to deal with all of your luggage. Luckily, Chicago O'Hare offers valet parking to travelers. You can have someone take your car from you at the airport door. Once your trip is over and done with and you come back home, a valet will be able to pick you up right at the door.

This kind of parking can be fairly expensive, especially if you are going to be gone for more than a few days. With that said, many people are willing to pay for the high level of convenience that it offers.

Long-Term Parking

If you are going to be taking yourself to the airport, you are going to need to find a long-term parking solution. Long-term parking is available at Chicago O'Hare. However, the pricing for that parking tends to be fairly high.

Plan ahead and find out what parking will cost you. Do the math and see whether it would be worth the expense. It may make more sense for you to take an airport shuttle.

Off-Site Parking

If you need a long-term parking option, your best option may be to look at off-site parking. There are a number of places to park in the area around Chicago O'Hare.

Many people are turned off by the idea of off-site parking. They don't want to have to travel after they have dropped off their car.

However, off-site parking lots tend to have excellent security and affordable prices. In addition, you can easily take a shuttle from one of these lots to the airport. It won't take you very long to reach your final destination.

If you need a solution for airport parking at Chicago O’Hare, you are going to want to consider a number of different options. There isn't a single right choice when it comes to airport parking. Travelers will have to weigh the pros and cons of all of the options available to them. From there, they can decide where they would like to park their vehicles.